These are just a few of our most commonly asked questions. However if you have any others, we’re always happy to answer them.
Are the prices listed per person or for the whole boat?

The prices listed are for your own private yacht for the event, and includes the number of passengers, of any age, allowable per the COI. All of our trips are private charters.

Does the cruise include food?
Yes, *most of our cruises include gourmet appetizers and an assortment of non-alcoholic beverages – see pricing page. Additionally, you are free to bring whatever food and drink you would like. We provide plates, glasses and cutlery.

*Seeker does not include food or beverage – you can bring your own or work with a caterer.
Where does the trip start?

Most charters originate within 5 miles of downtown Seattle proper. However, it truly depends on the charter and where the boat is moored.

For inside the Ballard Locks we can depart out of a variety of locations on Lake Union, Lake Washington, and out of Fisherman’s terminal. Outside of the Ballard Locks, we can arrange to pick up just about anywhere in the Puget Sound.

Reach out to us with a charter request and we can let you know what our options are for your specific needs. And once we book a charter with you we’ll work out all the details to make it the most memorable event for you.

Is there someplace to rest out of the sun and wind?
All of the yachts in our fleet have spacious cabins complete with expansive seating options and heads (bathrooms).
Are children allowed on all tours?

Yes, we love kids – we have two children and have been boating with them their whole lives.  We have an assortment of children’s lifejackets that may fit your little ones, but it’s prudent to bring your own in the correct sizes.  If you need to use our children’s lifejackets, we just need to know weights ahead of time to ensure a good fit.

What should I wear?
Please dress in layers as the temperature on the water is generally considerably cooler than on land. We recommend bringing t-shirt, long sleeve shirt and a jacket. Long pants are recommended, but feel free to bring along shorts and bathing suits in case it gets warm. Please try to wear appropriate footwear:  Non-marking sneakers are suggested – barefoot is often the way to go if it’s warm enough. Don’t forget your camera because you’ll want to be taking plenty of pictures. Definitely bring sunglasses as the sun and wind can be hard on the eyes.
What if the weather is bad?

Seattle is known to have a raindrop or two fall from the sky. It’s true that a good number of Seattleites don’t bother with an umbrella.  And depending on why you booked the charter, (family in from out of town for a special event), rescheduling might not be an option. However, if rain is putting a damper on the party, we’ll work with you to find a solution. Every charter is a unique and custom event and ultimately we want you to have a great time.

If the weather is very bad (i.e. dangerously high winds or seas), Seattle Charters may elect to cancel the trip and we’ll reschedule for another time. You and your family’s safety is our primary concern and we would never risk boating in dangerous conditions.