Specials Events

Specials Events are even More Special on the Water

Birthdays / Anniversaries

Who wouldn’t want to be spoiled by a personalized cruise in our amazing waters? We can set up a surprise, a romantic moment or a special birthday cake celebration underway or in a cozy anchorage as part of our trip – let us know your thoughts and we’ll do everything we can to accommodate; we’re happy to come up with unique ideas to make that special occasion extra special.

Gorgeous fun day aboard a sailing charter

Marriage Proposals

100% percent success rate! So far we have yet to hear a “no”…. that would be awkward and we wouldn’t want to cut a trip short. We’ll help set it up and make sure the moment is right for popping the question at just the right time, in the best conditions. We don’t claim to affect the answer but our record speaks for itself.

Ash Scattering Ceremonies & Memorials at Sea

In times of great joy or great sorrow, many people look to the water to mark their special event. We have celebrated life by hosting many funeral gatherings aboard our vessels. You can count on our crew to always be appropriate and caring of your special event. Flowers included, cannon firing optional.