Boat Consulting Services

Let Us Find Your Perfect Boat

To find your perfect boat you need to consider numerous factors:

  • Your level of boating expertise
  • What you want to use your boat for
  • Where you want to moor your boat
  • Your price range
  • Whether you want sail or power
  • What style of boat you favor
  • What capacity do you need

With all these questions, what you need is an UNBIASED partner who listens to your dreams and desires, and will look WORLDWIDE for the perfect boat. Using a broker, you are limited to the boats they have for sale. 

Captain Trevor et al. will use a scientific-based approach to help you choose the perfect boat for you.

Let Us Inspect Your Perfect Boat

With over 30 years in the sailing and power boating industry, Captain Trevor has contacts who will honestly and accurately survey your new boat to make sure you are receiving the boat that has been advertised. You can count on our professionalism and expertise and ensuring you get the best value and return on investment.

Let Us Train You On Your Perfect Boat

Now that you have your perfect boat, it’s sometimes a little overwhelming knowing how to proceed. Don’t worry! Trevor is on your side. Captain Trevor can provide expert instruction on boat handling in varied conditions and review all onboard systems in depth regarding operation and recommended maintenance.

Let Us "Outfit" Your Perfect Boat

With many years as the manager at the Offshore Store and Seawide Marine Distribution, Trevor is more than qualified to offer consultation on what equipment you may need for various voyages—from day trips across the lake to off-shore trips down to Panama. We look forward to helping you outfit your boat to meet your dreams.


Ready to Find your Perfect Boat? We look forward to hearing from you!

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